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Tour Brief

  • Duration: 18nights / 19days
  • Activities: Exploring varied natural landscapes, visiting cultural heritage sites, experiencing nomad culture, hiking.
  • Distance: 3400kms
  • Group: Min 2 - Max 12
  • Season: June – September
  • Fitness level:

Price included

Stay in Ger camp (18 nights)
English speaking guide service
Entrance fees to Protected Areas and sightseeing costs
All transfers by 4WD Japanese minivan in the countryside
Meals breakfast, lunch /picnic while driving/ and dinner as mentioned in the program.

Price excluded

International transportation to and from Mongolia
Hotel stay in Ulaanbaatar
Travel insurance
Mineral bottled water and alcoholic drinks
Tips and gratuities
Laundry and items of a personal nature.


This trip offers you to discover great variety of cultural diversity and natural attractions across the country from South to North. We’ll start our tour from legendary Gobi desert. The Gobi desert covers 1.3 million square kilometers and has hot summers and cold winters. Gobi is well-known in the world as its dinosaur fossilized eggs and skeletons are found in large quantities. In the Great Gobi we’ll visit the place where the eggs and skeletons have been found in 1920s. Tsagaan Suvarga limestone formation, 300 meters high sand dunes and camel riding along the dunes, ruins of old Gobi temple. From Gobi we’ll gradually move on to the valley of Orkhon River which is registered to UNESCO World Heritage site. We’ll visit ruins of ancient capital city of Great Mongol Empire and one of the biggest Buddhist Monastery of Mongolia. Later on us expecting crystal blue lakes such as Terkhiin Tsagaan and Khuvsgul. This trip opens up the real contrasting of Mongolia from arid desert to green mountains and lakes to be explored by you.

Places to visit

Ulaanbaatar – Baga Gazriin Chuluu – Tsagaan Suvarga – Yol valley – Khongor sand dune – Bayanzag – Ongi temple ruin – Orkhon valley – Kharakhorum – Taikhar rock – Terkhiin Tsagaan lake – Khorgo volcano – Zuunnuur lake – Khuvsgul lake – Murun town – Moilt Ecolodge – Amarbayasgalant – Ulaanbaatar.

Tour Route Map

Day 1Travel to Baga Gazriin Chuluu

We will pick you up from your accommodation and travel to Baga Gazriin Chuluu which will take 240kms 5-6hours with drive distance of 240kms. Baga Gazriin Chuluu is a picturesque mountain in elevation of 1,751 meters which is the Granite Belt of Mongolia. We will do the hiking session of 2-3hours. We’ll be staying overnight in ger camp. LD

Day 2Travel to Tsagaan Suvarga

We will continue travel to Tsagaan Suvarga about 240kms for 5-6hours. Tsagaan Suvarga or White Stupa is 30 meters high white limestone formation which was created by the power of the winds sculpting this place for over thousands of years. We’ll sight see the surrounding area and hike around the place taking a suitable photos. We’ll be staying overnight in ger camp. BLD

Day 3Travel to Yol valley & trekking

In the morning we will drive to Yol Valley or Lammergeier’s Gorge about 220kms. It has a distance of 40kms from the tourist camp. The valley itself is over 10kms long and due to the splendid high cliff walls. Some parts of Yol valley are completely shaded from the sun. We will hike along this delightful valley, nestled between the beautiful peaks of the Gurvan Saikhan Mountain and exploring the wildlife of the area. We will first visit the local Gobi museum then trek through the Yol valley to feel the fresh breeze to refresh ourselves. We’ll be staying overnight in ger camp. BLD

Day 4Travel to Khongor Sand Dune

We will travel to Khongor sand dunes which will take 180kms. Known as Singing sand dunes, the Khongor dunes are up to 300ms high, 15kms wide, and 180kms long. Afternoon we will walk through the Golden sand dunes viewing the surrounding area. The view is incredible from top of the dunes. We’ll be staying overnight in ger camp. BLD

Day 5Visit to nomad family & camel riding

Today we will be visiting a local nomad family conversing about their unique lifestyle of the local area. They’re very hospitable friendly hosts which they will offer a traditional delicacy made of camel’s milk. You can also free to taste other traditional dairy products made of cow’s milk. It is optional to hire a camel riding. We’ll be staying overnight in ger camp. BLD

Day 6Travel to Bayanzag

We will continue travel to Bayanzag which will take 170kms. . It is a remarkable site of Mongolia where you will able to see a rare saxaul forest, red flaming cliffs and pedestal rocks formed by the Aeolian effects on the sand and rock over millions of years. This is the place where dinosaurs used to lived 70 million years ago, and internationally famous for its archaeological discovery of dinosaur fossils, eggs and hatchlings which belonged to Cretaceous Period. There’s much to explore the flaming cliffs while taking a cool selfie and photos. We’ll be staying overnight in ger camp. BLD

Day 7Travel to temple ruin of Ongi & trekking

Today we will travel to Ongi temple ruin which will take 140km. We will visit the local museum and take a hike around the ruins. The guide will tell you the whole story of the ruins of Ongi Monastery. We will be staying overnight in ger camp. BLD

Day 8Drive from desert to steppe

Today we will drive to Orkhon valley for 5-6hours about 240kms. We’ll be leaving the Gobi region and enter the steppe zone rich with greenery compare to the Gobi golden soils. We’ll be staying overnight in ger camp. BLD

Day 9 Travel to Kharakhorum

We will travel to Kharakhorum which will take 100kms to reach. Kharakhorum is the ancient capital of Mongolia where Chinggis Khaan established his capital of his Empire in 1220. In 1235, his son and successor, Ogodei built a Palace protected by walls. You will visit to Erdene Zuu Monastery, the largest and first Mongolian Buddhist temple complex built on the ruins of 16th century Kharakhorum city, and we will visit the newly built Kharakhorum Museum. After visiting the museum we will also visit a local cooperative felt workshop and witness how they make the felt products in a cool way. We’ll be staying overnight in ger camp. BLD

Day 10Travel to Taikhar rock

We will travel to Tsetserleg town, the center of Arkhangai province which will take 130kms. Upon arrival we will visit Zaya Gegeenii Khuree, a large old Buddhist monastery, remarkably intact, preserved as a museum. Nearby the monastery you can visit the local active temple. Then we continue our drive to Taikhar rock for 25kms. Taikhar rock is 25 meters high mysterious steep-sided pinnacle of granite. We will be staying overnight in ger camp. BLD

Day 11Travel to Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan

We will journey to Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan which will take 240kms. It’s an astonishingly beautiful lake was formed by dam of lava flown from volcanic eruption many millennia ago. On the way we will see Chuluut River which flows through a sheer basalt canyon stretching 100 kilometers from the mouth of the Teel River to the Atsat. We will be staying overnight in ger camp.BLD

Day 12Trekking to Khorgo

Today we will trek to Khorgo Mountain. It is the extinct volcano which lies east of the lake Terkhiin Tsagaan. The volcanic crater of the mountain is 200 meters wide and 100 meters deep. The northern slope is covered with Siberian larch forest. During the visit we will hike around the area taking nature pictures of the surrounding place. We will be staying overnight in ger camp. BLD

Day 13Travel to Zuunnuur lake

We will journey to Zuun Nuur Lake of Khuvsgul province which will take 140kms. Today we will be exploring beautiful flowers covering the valley, spot some small animals. We’ll be staying overnight in ger camp. BLD

Day 14Travel to Khuvsgul Lake

We will travel to Murun town, the center of Khuvsgul province which will take 120kms. After the lunch at local restaurant we will continue travel to the crystal clear lake Khuvsgul for 110kms. We’ll be staying overnight in ger camp. BLD

Day 15Walking around the lake

Today we will be hiking around the lake, where we explore rare medical herbs and wildflowers enjoying the fresh breeze of the surrounding area. Also you can hike up a surrounding mountain to get a panoramic view over the lake. It’s optional to hire a boat trip. You will be staying in ger camp. BLD

Day 16Travel to Murun town

We will travel to Murun town and visit the local market to shop. Afternoon we will explore a famous site of deer stones called as Uushig. Then we will continue to drive to the next ger camp. We’ll be staying overnight in ger camp. BLD

Day 17Travel to Moilt Ecolodge

Early in the morning we will travel to Moilt Ecolodge which will take 250kms. In the evening you will have a special dinner of authentic Mongolian BBQ or Khorkhog which is cooked in a unique way using a hot stones to fry the necessary ingredients. We will explore around the area to see petroglyphs. We’ll be staying overnight in ger camp. BLD

Day 18Travel to Amarbayasgalant monastery

Today we will travel to Amarbayasgalant monastery which will take 320kms. It is the one of the three largest Buddhist centers in Mongolia. On the way we will see Uran Mountain, an extinct volcano with a crater of 600m wide and 50m deep and explore surrounding natural fauna and flora. We will continue travel to the monastery via Bulgan town and Erdenet city. Upon arrival at Amarbayasgalant monastery we will explore the place and view the depiction of the gods representing the Buddhism. We’ll be staying overnight in ger camp. BLD

Day 19Travel to Ulaanbaatar

We will travel to Ulaanbaatar city which will take 340kms driving mostly on a paved road. Upon arrival we will transfer you to your hotel. End of the service. BL

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Open02 July 201920 July 2019540$3850$Book
Open06 Aug 201924 Aug 2019540$3850$Book


  • Private departure is available on request.
  • City sightseeing excursion tour is available on request
  • Customize your trip: we are able to make amendments in the program according to our client’s special interest and request. Details would be discussed by emails in advance.
  • Hotel stay and transfer: we are glad to book your hotel and transfer in Ulaanbaatar as well as private transportation for your trip at our discounted rates.

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Single and double occupancy: you can stay in single and double for overnights at Ger camps, tents and hotels. Single occupancy would might not available during Naadam festival period on 5th -15th of July at Ger camps. And for single stay at community based camp and nomad home would be confirmed depending on availability.
Single and twin/double stay at Ger camp requires extra supplement fee as shown per person in above table.

Discounts: Our clients can take an opportunity to get following discount options: Only one time discount is available per client or group.

  • Early bird discount of 10% is applicable for booking made before 01st of April 2018.
  • Last minute discount of 5% is applicable for booking made before 72 hours of the trip start. This is not applicable for daily and short tours.
  • Group discount of 12% is applicable for a group booking with 5 parties and more.
  • Children discount: up to 2 years old is free, 3-8 years old is 40% off and 9-12 years old is 20% off.
  • International and domestic flight and train tickets can be booked with us, depending on availabilities.

Tailoring your tour: we are delighted to create and arrange your special trip according to your specific interests and wishes. Please contact us for details.

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Trip information

Joining point
Your guide and driver will pick you up at the location you confirmed with us in advance. It can be your accommodation, airport or train station in Ulaanbaatar. Pick up time will be stated at the confirmation document/or single email we would send you after the booking made.

Joining point instructions
Meet your tour guide who holds a welcoming board with your name(s) shown. It is your responsibility to advise us of your accommodation, number of flight/or train and carriage numbers in advance.

Problems and emergency contact information
In the case of an emergency, or concerns about a missed pick-up please contact us on cell phones: (+976) 9905 9466, (+976) 9909 8467.
For all other enquiries and outback tour services please contact our office team on (+976) 11 35 46 62.

Finishing point

Your guide and driver will drop you off at the location you confirmed with us in advance. It can be your accommodation, airport or train station in Ulaanbaatar.

Passport and visas

All travelers must obtain a visa before traveling to Mongolia. Some nationalities can obtain visa at the airport, however it requires an application through us to the Immigration Authority of Mongolia in advance.
Please check the following website for your nationalities requirements.

Food and dietary requirements

Travelers with special dietary requirements or food allergies must inform at the time of booking. Due to the nature of our trips, food is basic. We are able to provide vegetarian, vegan, gluten free food to our clients. However religious dietary requirements and specifically sourced foods are unable to be catered for remote trips.
Inclusive meals in your trip as indicated B, L, D with per day itinerary. On most days, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be included. For expedition trip, your service team will prepare meals. You will have an opportunity to assist with cook and learn how to make Mongolian traditional meal. As well as your help on daily activities such as setting up dining camp, prepare meals and clearing dishes is much appreciated.
It is also available to have and taste traditional dairy products such as yogurt /Mongolian name is tarag/, dried milk curds /aaruul/, milk tea /suutei tsai/, fermented mare’s milk wine /airag/, sour cream /tsotsgii/ and cheese /byaslag/ when you visit nomad herder families.
Generally, in Mongolia water quality is good. But you are advised to buy mineral water with big bottles from shops, food markets and kiosks in capital and many of the provinces centers and tourist Ger camps in the countryside. Mineral or bottled water usually exclude in our offers since we try to produce as less garbage as possible. But in other hand we provide well plenty of drinks like tea and coffee during our trips.


Depending on your trip in countryside, you will have different type of accommodations including tourist Ger camps, community based Eco Ger camp and nomad Ger homes or tents.
Normally, three or four beds are in one Ger and 2 people will share a tent. And the Ger camp provides restaurant/bar, western-style toilet, washing facilities and showers. Low-impact eco, community based Ger camps provide composting toilet and shower where available.
Nomad home condition is very basic, none of shower, a ground hole surrounded with side covers as used for composting toilet.
For expedition trips with tent stays, we provide good quality light spacious tent of 3people for twin occupancy. And as well we provide other gears including foldable mattress, ground sheet tarpaulin, toilet tent, sometimes shower tent and dining tent for groups with more than 5 parties, kitchen equipment, table and chairs depending on the trip conditions.
All travelers in expeditions trips are advised to bring own sleeping bags according to hygienic reasons.

Land transport

Mongolia is a big country! Here in Mongolia we’re used to driving long distances between destinations. An advantage of driving trip you can travel through different zones and enjoy vast open spaces with natural contrasts within several days. During the trip, approximately it takes 5-8 hours driving from one to next destination. Each 1-1.5 hours, we have short stop frequently for photographs, toilets, stretch and meet with local nomads.
In the countryside, we use 4WD vehicles, specially, Russian minivans and Japanese jeep and minivans. Normally, 2-3 people can seat in one jeep with luggage. The Russian minivan has capacity of 6 people with luggage and Japanese minivan can take up to 4 people with luggage.
All vehicles used in our tours are insured and carefully prepared before departures. Our drivers are also good mechanics, have many years of experience for driving through unmarked, unpaved bumpy roads in the countryside.

Money matters

The Mongolian currency is called Tugrug (MNT). Please refer recent rates on
Credit and debit cards are accepted in Ulaanbaatar and center of the provinces.
Automatic teller machines (ATMs) are common in central areas.

Important notes

Refill bottle: Please bring your own water bottle to refill along the way. We recommend at least a 1.5litre capacity. We encourage our clients not to use small bottled water when traveling in countryside.
Battery: Trips with stays in Ger camps have access to power to recharge batteries for phones and cameras every couple of days. We would like to recommend to bring an extra battery for your camera. For expedition trips, most handy item is solar charger.
Headlamp: A headlamp or torch is useful at night time. Some Ger camps have limited lighting and are powered by generators that switch off at a certain time.
Pack: Please ensure you pack appropriately according to season and temperature. Warm jacket, thermals, underpants, woollen hat is advisable for the colder months. Please refer our “Pre travel advisory” document with detail information regarding temperatures during your travel time.
Luggage: Please pack smart. Due to the domestic flight luggage limitation, a passenger can carry maximum of 15 kg including hand baggage. Excess luggage will be charged according to airlines fee.
Tour guide: The aim of the guide is to help you have the best trip possible. Your guide will provide information on the places you are travelling through, organize things to do and see according to the itinerary, lead the group including travelers and service staff. The guide will provide you all relevant information for options and introduce you to our nomad herders along the way.
Safety: We will provide you relevant information on safety before and during the trip. As well as we would like to recommend that you check your government’s advice for their latest travel information before departure and ensure that your travel insurance covers you for all areas your itinerary covers. Travel insurance is compulsory for joining all our trips.
Responsible Travel: Being a responsible tour operator is at the heart of what our company is all about. We committed to offering low-impact tours that benefit traveler and host alike. Thanks to our clients support (who paid for tours) we work with local communities, businesses and individuals to develop sustainable tourism opportunities that help local economies while minimizing negative environmental and cultural impacts. Please find more information: we are/about us
Community projects: We are pleased to combine your trip route to destinations where our local supporting projects run. Please advice us your wish in advance.

Fitness Level

As you will note, all our tours are graded to help you decide whether they’re right for you. The grading is as follows:
EASY: A basic level of fitness is required, the tour is generally easy-paced.
MODERATE: Within the capability of anyone leading a normal active life. However, involves more walking or tiring journey.
ACTIVE: These tours may involve considerable walking and long travel days.
STRENUOS: These tours may include different energetic activities.
CHALLENGING: A high level of fitness is required. It may contains high altitude trek or rope climbing.



For me, the highlights of my trip was the horse- riding in the Mongolian countryside and seeing the beautiful landscapes and wild life.

Frank Kazemier

We particularly enjoyed our time staying in ger camps, visiting with Nomad families and touring around the Gobi desert. The unique opportunities to observe Mongolian traditional and culture were wonderful (horse show, Mongolian costumes, horsehead 2- string fiddle player, throat singer… etc) were most memorable and meaningful. Camel and horseback riding, the beautiful sand dunes and the Gobi Desert, all our hikes were also highlights. The Khongor Sand Dunes, Yol valley, the red flaming cliffs, saxual forest- all were stunningly beautiful and unforgettable.

Robin Ashton
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