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We comply with national standards for responsible tourism when choosing hotels, ger camps and other accommodations

Ger Camps

Our clients often enjoy stays in tourist ger camps when they travel in the countryside. Most of these camps use traditional nomadic “ger” dwellings as guest’s accommodation. A guest ger is heated by a wood stove or electric heater and furnished with traditionally painted wood-framed beds (normally, 180-190cm long and 100-120cm wide) or hotel standard size beds (normally, 190-210cm long and 120-130cm wide) with clean sheets, comforters, pillows and blankets. Each ger has 2 beds and a small table with 2-4 chairs. Every day hot water is supplied to all gers. The camp’s restaurant/bar and western-style toilets, showers and washing facilities are usually situated in separate buildings.

Community Based Ger Camps

These are low impact ger camps based around nomadic communities who are involved in our network. They offer a basic service such as providing a traditional ger for staying overnight, which also offers our clients a chance to experience nomadic life and culture closely rather than just visiting briefly. A nomadic community ger camp usually has a limited capacity of up to 20 guests per shift, and provides a simple camp shower and composting toilet facilities. Each ger has 4 beds with clean sheets, comforters, pillows and blankets. Local meals and other additional activities like horse riding, camel riding, yak riding and cultural visits are available to be arranged upon guests’ request.


We provide spacious, lightweight tents for 3 people on a twin share basis or 2 people per tent for single occupancy. All tents have an extra tarpaulin sheet to protect against the rain. A central dining tent is provided for groups of 6 or more. A double share basis self inflatable sleeping mattress with extra protective sheet is also provided. We always recommend to bring your own sleeping bag for hygiene reasons.


We use the cleanest, friendliest, and most atmospheric centrally located hotels in Ulaanbaatar.  All hotels have cozy bars and restaurants that offer good meals and amenities. All hotel rooms have IDD, high speed internet access, cable TV and a mini bar. Additional services like business centers, beauty salons, fitness centers and other services can be found in all hotels. Laundry and room services are provided based guests’ preferences.