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Heartland Trails

FromUS$ 575

5 Days 4 Nights
3 Days on Horseback to Ugii Lake
Ger homestays with nomads
Steppes, Sand Dunes, Hills & Lakes
Turkic Monuments & Kharakhorum

On Horseback To Mystical Taiga

FromUS$ 1,950

12 Days/11 Nights
Stay among reindeer herders
Horse trek through Taiga
Meet Mongolian shaman
Hike & Cycle at Khuvsgul Lake

Winter Migration

FromUS$ 2,350

13 Days / 12 Nights
Follow nomadic migration
Remote Altai mountains
Amazing photography opportunities
Exclusively at Tour Mongolia

Orkhon river rafting

FromUS$ 1,640

7 Days 6 Nights
Experiencing nomad culture
Tasting home made dairy product
Rafting through wild nature
Visiting famous Buddhist center

Biking at nomads’ land

FromUS$ 2,890

12 Days 11 Nights
Biking through northern wilderness
Visiting Buddhist monastery
Exploring local culture
Spotting wild horses

Holy Altai Inspiring Trail

FromUS$ 2,590

12 Days 11 Nights
Climbing to Malchin mountain
UNESCO World heritage site
Visit ethnic groups
Trekking through wonder Natures