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Welcome to Gurvanbulag!

Run in partnership with the local nomadic families, the Gurvanbulag Community Camp and the Steppe Eco Camp are places that combine the refinement and comfort of a luxury ger camp with the nomadic hospitality and local, authentic atmosphere. The camps are situated amid a spectacular location in Mongolia’s geographical center – a place of peace and tranquility, where the rolling steppe of central plains meet the sand dunes of the Gobi and the forested mountains of the northern Taiga, making the area one of the most interesting in the country. Apart from the plethora of outdoor activities available in this stunning location full of areas of interests, the highlight of staying in the camps is the experience local life when visiting the families living in the area. Guest can explore daily life and traditions of the nomads, learn to prepare meals or get active together – make dairy products, milk animals, ride horses or help with the herds. Traditionally handcrafted beds and mattresses provide comfortable sleep and while the camp is reliant 100% on renewable energy.

The camp is located in the central region of Mongolia where forest mountain, rolling steppe and Gobi sand dunes are found in this place. This unique area belongs to buffer zone of KhognoKhan Mountain Nature Reserve. The local community, called Gurvanbulag owns the camp and a trained team selected out of the community members runs the business. Since the small scale community based accommodation service is made by the local herders’ community, it exists together with local families’ Yurts. Gurvanbulag Community Based eco camp established in 2008 and has been actively operated since May of 2010 with the management contribution and financial support of Tour Mongolia. By combining traditional and modern technologies, the Gurvanbulag camp operates in environmentally friendly & culturally respective ways.

Because of the local people aim to generate extra income as relying and using own resources and advantages, an every member of the community makes their best efforts when serving guests at the camp. Staying in the camp offers a great opportunity to see, experience and learn the nomadic culture more in depth while roaming in authentic life. The community members provide ecological fresh meat, milk and dairy products to the camp in order to prepare and offer Mongolian traditional tasty food and tea.


  • Tranquility & Quietness. There are no roads, settlements or other camps in the proximity.
  • Easy access to authentic nomadic families in the area
  • Authentic Mongolian Food & Beverage
  • Views & Surroundings. Spectacular views of wide open steppe from your ger.
  • Professionally trained, friendly and warm local staff
  • Plethora of activities and adventures, plus rich cultural experiences
  • Traditional Mongolian gers handcrafted by the local community
  • Ecological and environmentally friendly - run on renewable solar and wind power

The Gurvanbulag eco camp ideally locates at the buffer zone area of Khognokhaan Mountain, a beautiful natural reserve in the heart of Mongolia, 290kms from Ulaanbaatar and 7kms from the centre of Gurvanbulag county of Bulgan province. It is a 4½ hours exciting drive from Ulaanbaatar which takes you to Gurvanbulag eco camp, itself are where the local nomads stay with their livestock and horses in the summers, as the immediate area used for summer pasture. Some few nomadic families remain in the winter.

Capacity & Facilities


The ger camp is seasonal in the summers, and is fully collapsible. It may be relocated leaving no more impact on the area than a herdsmen family would. It has 10 twin occupancy yurts/ger and 8 triple occupancy yurts. There are also 2 family size yurts, with a double bed and two beds. The yurts have wooden floors and are beautifully decorated in traditional nomadic style with hand-crafted furnishings.  Each yurt is designed to be as cozy as possible and has its own wood burning stove: close to nature with every aspect, carefully considered to ensure any impact on the surrounding environment that is kept to a minimum.

 Each yurts have comfy traditional beds with good, sprung mattresses(80х180 cm),tables, chairs, wood burning stoves, a bell fast sink & sheets and towels are all provided.


The Restaurant serves Mongolian and Western-style dishes in an authentic over sized yurt with 40 seats, similar to those used by great Khans centuries ago. Every morning our cooks prepare festive breakfast buffet with freshly baked bread, natural yoghurt and fresh milk provided by the neighboring nomads. One delicacy you should not miss is the urum, a creamy milk product which is irresistible on a piece of warm bread or bun topped with some butter & berry jam. The lunch and dinner consist of two to three-courses of set meals. Many traditional foods prepared by fresh meat and milk supplied by the community members and it will be offered to the guests. Any special request about diets either vegan or vegetarian, even halal meals can be provided for your pleasure. Please contact a staff member at the Restaurant Yurt to discuss your specific requirements.

A restaurant allows you to enjoy cold beers and soft drinks, and offers selection of wine, vodka, spirits and sodas including domestic varieties such as Chinggis vodka and Golden Gobi beers. Tea, coffee and welcome platters with dairy products are available all day long. Fresh vegetables and fruits are harvested from organic farms in nearby Bayannuur village. Because Mongolia is one of the few remaining places where livestock are herded on fenceless, open pastures and eat a wide variety of grasses, shrubs, and herb species, Mongolian meats are organic and some of the freshest in the world. All dairy products are acquired from local nomadic families and pasteurized onsite. Purchasing food and supplies locally provides this remote region with opportunities for economic growth through responsible tourism.

There is a TV that shows well known Mongolian films with English-subtitles and folk music and performances. We have a collection of movies, documentaries, slideshows and PP presentations that depict the natural and cultural treasures of Mongolia. Full list of descriptions are available at the restaurant. These are available for viewing in restaurant from 15:00 pm to 17:00 pm every day, and 09:00 pm to 11:00 pm every evening. To schedule a viewing, please contact our staff at restaurant yurt. For a day hikes, you may ask the cooks to pack a lunch for you to take.

Showers are provided in two separate yurts. Shower yurts with hot water heated by solar panel and has a fire stove, that’s why it’s warm and cozy. Perfectly normal dry composting toilet with comfort, the toilets are long drop style allowing for natural decomposition.


The library ger with suiting collection of books based on Mongolian culture, history and people. There is a chess game and other fun stuff. Feel free to use the library ger at your own leisure. Nomad library ger project promotes local children to read books and play traditional games, communicate with tourists and get acquainted with people all around the world. On the other side of this library allows tourist to meet with local people.

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The Steppe Eco Camp is located in the eastern region of Mongolia and/or at the junction of the eastern verge of Khentii mountain range (continuation of Siberian Taiga) and the Khurkh vast steppe in the west of the Dornod Mongol great steppe


The ‘Nomad Library’ project is intended to reduce educational poverty by providing books to Mongolian countryside children who many otherwise not have the opportunity to access a library. his library doesn`t wait the children to come to it,