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Tour Mongolia has implemented the CSR management accreditation and complies with the TourCert Check requirements. The company commits to sustainable business operations by

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* signing a commitment * appointing a sustainability representative, responsible for * qualifying our employees * assessing our sustainability performance and * developing and overseeing an improvement program. Additionally, out company strives for continuous improvement of the corporate responsibility.

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The Travelife award is a recognition of our long-term efforts and leadership in sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

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Active & Adventure Tours Mongolia LLC complies with over 100 criteria related to office management practicies, product range, international business partnerships, and customer information. The Travelife standard is covering the ISO 26000 Corporate Social Responsibility criteria, including environment, biodiversity, human rights and labour relations; and we are formally recognized as being in full compliance with the UN-supported Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria program.

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At Tour Mongolia, we believe that one of the most important components of traveling is the interaction with locals. On our tours, we maximize the opportunity to meet the local people: To discover how they live, what their beliefs and values are. When traveling with us, our guests have the unique opportunity to learn about the nomadic culture in an authentic and non-touristic setting.

Our nomad friendly Community-based tours emphasize contact with locals We arrange these tours through our local network which include over a hundred nomadic herder families and communities. The families and communities in our network are of diverse ethnic identities and live in different rural areas all throughout Mongolia.


  • Tour Mongolia is a state licensed, certified and fully insured national tour operator
  • Established in 2001, 100% Mongolian
  • Cooperates with S.O.S Medica Mongolia for safety & Bodi Daatgal for company liability insurance.
  • We are officially accredited to book and sell train tickets (Trans Mongolian Railway), flight tickets on MIAT Mongolian, Hunnu and Aero Mongolia airlines


We ensure the highest quality travel with maximum comfort. We provide our guests with many useful extras and gifts, such as a “Learning Mongolian” phrasebook in English and German with popular Mongolian phrases, dialogues and songs, Ulaanbaatar city map, a large map of Mongolia, and often handmade souvenirs, wine, snacks, or chocolate depending on the trip and occasion.


  • We keep the maximum number of parties up to 14 people in order to maximize benefits to our clients and minimize the environmental impact of the trips.
  • We provide pure water in large 20-liter containers during our tours, not bottled water. Our clients bring their water bottles which are refilled from the large container, reducing plastic waste.
  • Our trekking tours are unsupported by vehicles, running only with camel caravans and horses.
  • We use recycled paper for office usage.

Friendly & Dedicated Team

Safe Adventure Specialist

Safety of our guests is our top priority. We are on call 24/7 to handle any unforeseen situations and also provide a satellite phone for our selected tours. We cooperate with SOS Medica Mongolia for safety and Bodi Daatgal for Company liability insurance. All vehicles used in our tours are insured, carefully checked and well prepared before every departure. Nutritious meals on our tours are prepared by food safety certified cooks in a hygienic way. Our expert guides always offer a safety briefing before any adventure activities such as rafting, horse or camel riding. We make sure that all risks are minimized and that our trips always comply with our safety protocol.

Bookings, Sales & Pre-Departure

We put a strong emphasis on excellent customer service, aiming to reply to inquiries immediately or within 24 hours if not possible otherwise. We provide an up-to-date Mongolia Travel Advice document to all guests, which includes our emergency 24/7 contact details, the cultural code of conduct, recommended packing list and plenty of other useful information about traveling in the country. During the booking process, our managers carefully check bookings for all included services and special requests and brief the guides diligently. We confirm and reconfirm all bookings in advance of the tours according to applicable contracts and agreements.

Satisfaction & Constant Improvement

At the end of the tour all our guests are encouraged to fill in the short Satisfaction Questionaire. We read each of them carefully and address any points raised. It is thanks to the thousands of feedbacks received over the years that we are able to ensure the top quality of our services and to continuously improve.

Quality Tour Equipment

On our active and adventure tours, we provide outfitter quality camping gear and equipment. Those include tents for single and twin share basis, self-inflatable air mattresses, wet-protection sheets, tarpaulin sheets, foldable camp chairs and tables, while a dining tent, camp shower in a shower tent, separate toilet tent, all cooking equipment and kitchen utensils including gas stoves and traditional tableware accompanies our treks and expeditions. All the equipment is carefully checked and prepared by our service team before each departure, and during the trip, our ground staff is tasked with its care and maintenance.

Our Projects

We are always happy to enrich your journey by adding visits or voluntary work at any of our on-going projects in Mongolia. Over the years we have set up and have been actively managing a number of non-profit activities that support local communities and the environment. Nomad Library provides books to rural children, Nomadic Melodies promotes traditional music, while our Children Eco Clubs support environmental education in schools. Please contact us for more details if you are interested in knowing how you can get involved as part of your tour.

Characterful Yurt Stays

Run in partnership with the local nomad communities, the Gurvanbulag Community Camp and the Steppe Eco Camp are unique places where our clients can interact with nomadic herders in an authentic setting and get involved in their daily life. These 2 camps offer quality lodging services with relatively luxurious comfort in spectacular locations where the rolling steppe, sand dunes, and the forested mountains meet in the heart of Mongolia. Our guests can visit nomadic families, explore their daily life and traditions first hand, learn about and get involved in activities such as making dairy products, milking animals, putting up a ger, cooking traditional dishes, herding animals, or helping with migrations between pastures. Traditionally handcrafted western size beds provide comfortable rest for our guests who stay overnight.