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Mongolia is not a holiday destination where you ‘tick off’ a number of places – rather it is a place just ‘to be’. The main experiences are centered around the outdoors and traditional way of life, such as horse and camel riding, hiking, archery, kayaking or visiting nomads in their gers and herding livestock, building gers, learning to cook or playing Shagai – all this while surrounded by vast and beautiful landscapes. The activities you can do in Mongolia depend on your interests, your itinerary and route, seasonality and availability.

Ger Homestays

Visits or stays with the with the nomadic families in their traditional ger felt tents is a great way to experience the centuries-old nomadic lifestyle and the Mongolian culture.

Hiking & Trekking

As a hiking destination, Mongolia offers plenty of exciting trails and a glimpse to one of the world’s most isolated locations.

Camel Riding

Many people have ridden the single humped Dromedary Camel, but far less have ridden the much larger two humped Bactrian. These double-lumped beasts have been essential to nomadic life for thousands of years and, unlike a horse, the camel does not need daily provision of water or grazing.


Whether an hour ride by the lake Khovsgol shore or a week long cycling expedition in Altai Mountains, bike riding is one of the best ways to experience this land of true wilderness and pristine nature. We provide quality mountain bikes which can be delivered to most places in the country.


Western Mongolia is known for spectacular landscapes as well as for the glacier wrapped and snow covered mountains, which makes it an amazing place for mountain climbers. We employ a number of specialist mountain guides to lead and assist you in conquering the peaks of the Altai Mountains.


A powerful pack of huskies pulling a speeding dogsled and musher along a snow-packed trail: a quintessential winter adventure and one that often fuels the daydreams of travelers. Dog sledding takes place on the frozen Tuul River in Terelj and on the open landscape of Khuvsgul Lake between November and April.


Mongolia is an excellent but untapped climbing destination. Challenge yourself on the rocks. The best climbing spots are easily accessible in Terelj National Park, a mere 2 hours drive from Ulaanbaatar, making climbing a great day trip activity. We provide all the safety equipment and the trips are led by our trained climbing guides.

Fly fishing

Fly fishing in Mongolia is fantastic during summer, not to mention the spectacular scenery too. We have explored most major rivers in the country and carefully selected what we believe the finest rivers for fly angling. We can arrange short angling excursions and multi-day trips where you can explore a new stream section every day without having to shuttle back to camp.


Lose yourself in nature and find peace experiencing the exotic Mongolian nature. Apart from hot spring excursions you can visit Finnish and Korean saunas, get a Mongolian massage service, or join a sport event, from a fitness boot camp to the Gobi Marathon.


Few realize that Mongolia is home to some of the rarest and most elusive wildlife species on Earth. Join one of our trips for a chance to see the Mongolian fauna up close. Our eagle-eyed guides experienced in tracking wild animals communicate with park rangers using walkie talkie to ensure you can get a glimpse of even the most elusive species.

Flower watching

The warm season (summer and autumn) in Mongolia offers an excellent opportunity for viewing wildflowers. Three distinct types of ecosystem related to flora-grassland and shrubs, forests and desert vegetation can be found in Mongolia, and these fascinating areas are home to abundant species of wildflowers, medicinal herbs and many rare plants - all are included in our tours dedicated for nature lovers.

Mongolia Ger Building

Learn how to put up a ger hands on. The design of the Mongolian ger has remained virtually unchanged for centuries. It consists of wooden lattice walls - usually in 4 or 5 sections - which are linked & tied together, with a door facing south. Two large central poles support a round ceiling opening, which is kept in position by many thinner, long poles. The wooden frame is then covered with felt, tarpaulin and a linen cover, all tied down with animal-hair rope.

Horse Riding

Because horses are so central to Mongolian culture, most of our trips include an opportunity to ride a horse. This can be an hour-long stroll around the nomad ger encampment or a 10-day long horse trek in the wilderness.


We have all heard about riding a horse or a camel, how about riding a yak? Get an exclusive opportunity to ride this docile animal of the highlands. If not comfortable doing that, ride in a traditional cart pulled by one of those humongous creatures.


Raft down the river in one of our high-end outfitter quality inflatable rafts and enjoy the spectacular scenery of Orkhon Valley, Terelj National Park or Gun Galuut reserve.


Hit the unpaved trails of the wild country for a day ride or a two week long cross country journey. We arrange fully supported motorcycle trips between May and October.


Experience an authentic horse-drawn sleigh ride on ice and snow, a real winter treat. Apart from short rides, we offer multi-day horse sleighing journeys through the snow covered steppe with overnight yurt stays.


In Winter, Khovsgol Lake in northern Mongolia becomes one of the world’s largest ice skating rinks. Skating on its frozen surface is a romantic and breathtaking experience that can be arranged from December to early April alongside other winter activities, such as dog sledding, horse sleighing and yurt homestays in the area.


Experience Mongolia on a photography tour with a professional photographer guide. We arrange both, short photography excursions and multi-week trips which offer an in-depth experience into the nomadic Mongolian culture along with personalized photography education.


Mongolia is a land of dusty horizons and adventure but another side to this is the people's deep spiritual connection to nature, land and the blue sky above. We can arrange meditation visits to remote mountaintop Buddhist monasteries and organize a carefully designed yoga and meditation schedule built around traveling in serene places that will build you up and leave you feeling refreshed.


Join our bird watching activities with our local naturalist and ornithological experts and explore the country’s varied bird life. Cultural, geological and palaentological highlights form the backdrop to the ornithological focus and trip lengths can vary from a day to two weeks.


If you enjoy gazing up at the night sky and wonder what is above and beyond, then Mongolia is for you. Many travelers say it’s the best place for star gazing with the electricity-free countryside. Mongolia is well known for its clear skies and crisp, dry air. There are over 200 cloud-free days a year that allows for star gazing almost every night. Some camps also have telescopes or binoculars available, and you can loose yourself watching the spread of the Milky Way galaxy, shooting starts or perhaps a rare UFO movement.

Wearing Mongolian traditional clothes

Immerse yourself in Mongolian culture and entertainment, watch folk and traditional performances of throat singing and dance. Dress up as a Mongolian noble, or a warrior with saber. Look and feel as a proper Mongol!