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Our trips will give you the great opportunities to experience unique, exotic nomadic culture. There are total of 25 different ethnic groups who own special identities, and live in different natural areas where rolling steppes, and dunes, lake shores, forests, snow peaked mountains, green meadows and open valleys. You will learn about their life philosophy and traditions, and then become good friends with them. By visiting & home staying nomadic family you can experience following activities.
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Hiking & Trekking

The best way to experience Mongolia’s unbeatable combination of natural beauty, cultural riches and unique nomadic lifestyle, is to walk.

Camel Riding

During our tours camel riding is available in Khognokhaan Nature reserve in Bulgan, Ongi in Dundgobi, Bayanzag, Yol valley and Khongoriin Els in Umnugobi, Altai Tavan Bogd National park in Bayan-Ulgii and Kharkhiraa Turgen Protected area in Uvs province. All clients will be riding Bactrian camels, which are comfortable and easier to ride than the horses. Our clients need no prior experience. With our experienced guides and herdsmen all clients can easily and quickly master the basic technique of a camel riding.


One of the true adventures to explore natural beauties and cultural uniqueness of Mongolia is having an incredible experience by traveling on a bike. We are able to provide quality bikes for our clients.


The western Mongolia is known by its very diverse landscapes, glacier wrapped and snow covered mountains, which is the best place for mountain climbers. We have a number of specialist mountain guides at the destination to lead and assist our clients to conquer the peaks of Holy Altai Mountains.


Your magical winter adventure!
Dog sledding is one of the best ways to discover Mongolia during the winter season. You will never forget the feeling of speeding through the snowy landscape driving your own team of eager huskies. The trips take place on frozen Tuul River in Terelj National Park and open landscape of Khuvsgul Lake offering breathtaking scenery.


Mongolia is an area untapped for climbing and bouldering. Challenge yourself on the rocks. These fun and adventurous climbing areas are located around the Ulaanbaatar. Especially in Terelj national park there is a huge amount of rock. All safety equipment is supplied by our company. Our tours are suitable for families and adults who are reasonably fit and agile, although we will climb on routes suitable to all abilities and select abseils to suit varying confidence levels. The trips are led by our fully trained guides. No prior experience is required for these trips as coaching will be offered on the go. Your climbing skills will develop quickly.

Fly fishing

A trip to Mongolia is perhaps the world’s greatest fly-fishing adventure. Taimen grow to immense sizes and hammer flies with a predatory aggression unlike any other freshwater fish. Traveling anglers return year after year to Mongolia’s remote streams to experience the challenge and joy of taimen fishing. We have explored every major taimen river in the country and personally selected what we believe the finest rivers for fly angling. On all trips, you explore a new stream section every day without having to shuttle back to camp.


Wellness & Spa centers in Ulaanbaatar welcome you with warmth and offering a wide range of services. Finnish, Korean and old style Russian saunas & Jacuzzi, traditional Mongolian, Japanese, classic massage services are available for you to choose. The Spa features separate male and female changing rooms and showers along with separate Steam rooms and Saunas. Mongolia is famous for its natural spring water places and can boost your health. We invite you to experience this advantageous tour with us.


By choosing our tours you can explore the lives of grassland animals from the hedgehog to the Siberian ibex, to help conserve their wilderness home. Mongolia boasts a wide variety of wildlife: with 139 species of mammals, 450 species of birds, 22 species of reptiles, 6 species of amphibians and amphibians and 76 fish species. Especially the second largest snow leopard’s population in the world can be found here.

Flower watching

The warm seasons, namely during the summer and autumn months in Mongolia offers a perfect opportunity for viewing a wildflowers. Three distinct types of ecosystem related to flora-grassland and shrubs, forests and desert vegetation can be found in Mongolia, and these fascinating areas are home to abundant species of wildflowers, medicinal herbs and many rare plants are included in our tours dedicated for nature lovers.

Set up a Mongolian ger

Ger is a portable, easily assembled and disassembled, and the most natural dwelling on earth. A Ger consists of felt covers, wooden columns, and a round window at the top, thin wooden poles and floor, wall (wooden lattice attached together with animal hide, ropes) and ropes. Most of ger materials are made of animal goods. Like the felt is made of sheep wool, ropes are made of camel wool or it can be made of horse or yak’s tail.

Horse Riding

The Mongolian nomadic culture is the only remaining horse-based culture in the world. Here horses and people depend on each other, so there is a mutual respect between them that runs deep and long in our civilization.


Other joyful experiences of our trips are yak riding and traveling with yak or ox carts. These activities offer wide opportunities to enjoy and get a close touch with beauties of the environment during the low speed comfort riding on a Mongolian yak and ox cart. Since it doesn’t require any riding ability, many of our clients like to get a calm experience which is very useful to relieve the stress. This kind of activity is available for our tours in Ikhtamir and Khorgo Terkhiin Tsagaan lake National park in Arkhangai, Khuvgul lake National park in Khuvsgul, Terelj National park.


This challenging recreational activity is available in our tours. We provide good quality inflatable rafts, helmets and life jackets. Our rivers are belonging to grades of 1-4 due to international classification and rafting trip requires basic paddling skill that all participants can experience under the guidance of our experienced raft leaders.


If you are looking for an adventurous way to travel through central Mongolia and are up for a real challenge why not go by motorcycle? Explore the huge steppe, the high mountain ranges, and experience the traditional Mongolian lifestyle on a motorcycle! Visit the ancient Mongolian capital of Kharkhorum, Erdene Zuu Monastery, and other intriguing places in the valley of the fabled Orkhon River.


Our horse sleighing trip offers another great opportunity to experience an uncommon adventure during the winter season. You will enjoy horse sleighing from yurts to yurts of nomads along snow covered steppe and exploring their winter life and customs. That is always possible to take part in a day trip or several days trip due to your time and specific interest.


Ice Festival & International Skating Marathon
We organize “Ice Festival” every year in the beginning of March at Khuvsgul Lake. “Ice Festival” involves great variety of activities and competitions including horse sledding race, ice skating race, Russian jeep racing, ice wrestling and dog sledding. In 2007, our company operated the first edition of the International Skating Marathon. After the success with wonderful feedbacks of 230 skaters from Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, we have been organized the following editions in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 successfully.


Mongolian landscapes are best captured wide angle! Nature itself will pose for your camera.


While India, Tibet and China are desirable destinations for meditation why not try the Mongolian countryside? Buddhism has long been in Mongolia, and meditation has recently become widespread. The real idea we suggest is that the Mongolian countryside is so quiet and tranquil. Places like Ariyapala Meditation center in Terelj National park, monastery of Aglag buteel and Erdenekhamba monastery in Uvurkhangai are perfect for meditation because of their serenity and beautiful nature.


Birds of 457 different species of 60 families have been recorded in Mongolia, making it a very exciting and interesting country for bird watching. Our tours are designed to satisfy the needs of all types of bird enthusiasts. Spring and autumn are most suitable for birding. Most of migratory birds fly across Mongolia during in these two seasons. Some bird species spend certain time in our territory as recuperating from "travel fatigue".


If you’re gazing up at the night sky and wondered what was above and beyond, then Mongolia is for you. Many tourists say it’s the best place for star gazing with electricity free countryside. Mongolia is well known as its clear blue sky and fresh air. More than 200 days of year we have a clear blue sky that allows us to gaze stars almost every night. You can easily see during the night time the whole wide spread galaxy has its own special activities like shooting stars and a rare UFO movement are open to glare upon it. Or you can observe the specific stars with a telescope. You can do this activity during the night in the countryside and take a best possible position to comfortably gaze upon the stars.

Wearing Mongolian traditional clothes

Attending entertainment & cultural activities
It is impossible to discover any country without folk and traditional song and dance performances. By choosing our tour you’re able to dress as a Mongolian noble, or a warrior with saber. It’s a perfect way to feel yourself as a proper Mongol.