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Green Heaven

Summer in Mongolia


Summer is the warmest season in Mongolia. It is pleasantly warm and relatively hot in the southern Gobi region where midsummer temperatures peak at around 40 degrees. Generally, the precipitation is higher in summer than any time of the year. The summer of Mongolia can be unpredictable, sometimes it gets really hot but then it can be rainy for several days. Rivers and streams are at their fullest in summer. It is a perfect time when pasture, grass and crops grow and livestock gain weight and fat.

Summer in figures

  • +15°C – +32°C
  • Around 100 days
  • June – August

Summer is compared to a young lady in the prime of her youth per Mongolian proverbs. “As soon as I left the plane, I took my luggage and went immediately to the countryside Ger\yurt\ hotel. After landing in a city that has only very recently had a population of more than one million, within 20 minutes I found myself in a quiet countryside with flowers and grass sprouting from under my feet. In spring, trees are budding, pasture has already grown, the smell of wild leek stings the nose, and birds sail in the far distant sky. It is wonderful to watch a sunrise in the wide steppe, as if the eyes catch nothing there, and in the summer night, the stars are seen so clearly, as if they are pouring down from the sky.”

Molly Suchy
Student of Mongolian University of Science and Technology


The highlight of June is the Roaring Hooves festival where folk and modern music echo the sounds of horse hooves and horses. Since 1999 Roaring Hooves annual music festival invites artists from all over Europe, Asia, and Americas to perform within the natural beauty of Gobi. It is a great melting pot of internationally well-known musicians, teachers, composers gather in Mongolia to present their masterpiece.

Yak Festival

An equally interesting festival held in June is the Yak Festival . It is the only festival where people bet on yak racing, yak bucking, yak lassoing and yak polo also available for everyone to participate. Take a break from the event enjoying yak snacks and other delicious delicacies prepared fresh by local vendors. You can also buy yak wool goods for warmth and comfort.


Naadam Festival

Naadam Festival of Mongolia cannot be appreciated fully without attending a Naadam celebration. There’s total of three Manly sports (Wrestling, archery and horse racing) who challenge their strength, accuracy and the speed of the Mongolian Horse. Be it the one in Ulaanbaatar or a smaller one in the countryside, it is a great celebration to enjoy the ancient customs and to keep the traditions alive.

Naadam Festival is the only one of its kind; it is a sophisticated and eloquent expression of nomadic culture, it is the honored celebration of a national independence, and it is an outstanding combination of arts and sports.

Playtime Music Festival

Playtime is the largest annual live music festival in Mongolia held at Hotel Mongolia in Gachuurt village located 30km outside of Ulaanbaatar. The festival takes place on summer weekend of July before Naadam featuring best of new and established international and Mongolian live music bands.

Go outside


On summer season, urban citizens (or UB citizens) have active demands to get outside for travel. From the famous Terelj National Park to the Blue pearl lake Khuvsgul, from the wild horses home of Khustai National Park to the golden sand dunes of Gobi desert, everywhere and anywhere in the country, people can surrounded by the beautiful nature and lively culture. Some, of course, still stay in the city and enjoy city life under the sun and shining stars.

Many of growing families stay out of  the city with full of joy and memories during whole summer.
Often situated by river bank and forest, log cabins and cottages are an essential element in life of city people, providing a physical and mental getaway from the daily grind.

This is the month to discover the strength of nomads and their bond with horses through events such as the Horse Herders’ Festival. It is a unique opportunity for visitors to watch the horsemen competing and demonstrating various everyday activities of horse herders.

An eye-opening experiences are offered through the Tsaatan festival, the International festival of throat singing, and cross-country cycling tours. At these festivals you can rest at the home of a herder families and get a taste of nomadic lifestyle.

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