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Location: 500km southeast of Ulaanbaatar in the Sainshand soum of Dornogobi province.
Features: The Uvurbayasgalant Khamriin Khiid Monastery was established in the 1818 by famous 19th century Mongolian educator and literary figure Danzanravjaa, Dogshin Noyon Khutagt of the Gobi – “Terrible Noble Saint of the Gobi”. The Monastery was an important center of the Buddhist “red sect” and was unique in 19th century Mongolia as a place where women were accorded greater respect and privileges than men. Reflecting these liberal attitudes Danzanravjaa composed the song Ulemjiin Chanar (Quality of Greatness) which remains popular today in praise of a woman’s qualities. To the north of the monastery is a series of caves where monks were practiced yogic exercises and meditation in isolation for 108 days at a time, hardening their bodies whilst expanding their physical and spiritual powers. At its peak Khamar Monastery consisted of four main sections – East Khuree, west Khuree, Tsokhon. And Duinkher – comprising four colleges (Datsan) and the children’s school, more than eighty temples, and a resident population of over five hundred lamas. The monastery was completely destroyed by the military in 1938 during Mongolia’s religious purge and re-established in 1990s on the initiative and support of local people and the religious community.
The most interesting part of ancient Khamriin Khiid was Khoid Shambala (northern paradise), the sacred place for the Mongolian people. Nowadays, many people visit the Shambala in order to become pure and recover from illness by having the energy of the area.

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