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Location: 570 from Ulaanbaatar, in Saikhan Ovoo soum of South Gobi province.
Features: Ongi temple is located on the bank of the Ongi river. This river is one of the longest rivers in Mongolia and the longest and the biggest river in south Mongolia, 435 km long and flows into Red Lake. A Monastery founded was in 1660 and consisted of two parts, on the south bank of the river and on the north bank. During its thriving time the monastery had in total 28 temples and about 2000 monks. Monastery ran four religious universities and could educate over 1000 apprentices at a time. Regretfully, this monastery also completely destroyed in 1930’s under the Soviet regime and over 200 monks were killed. Other monks were forced to serve in communist army, and only a few monks could become ordinary workers. After the fall of the Soviet Union, former students of the monastery returned to the monastery and started to practice Buddhism again.

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