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Location: 1240 km west of Ulaanbaatar in the Otgon soum of Zavkhan province.
Features: Otgontenger is the highest peak in the Khangai Mountain in Mongolia. Its summit is currently calculated to reach an elevation of 4,021 meters above sea level. The mountain is located in Zavkhan Province and is the only peak in the Khangai range that is capped with a permanent glacier. The south face of Mount Otgontenger is the most extensive granite wall in Mongolia. The Otgon Tenger mountain is one of three most sacred mountains in Mongolia: Khan Khentii Uul, and Bogd Khan Uul are the other two. Many sacred mountains in Mongolia are said to have ferocious deities. The deity of Otgon Tenger Uul is Ochirvaani. These ferocious deities emerged after Buddhism was introduced in Mongolia.

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