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Location: 1450 km west of Ulaanbaatar in the Sagil soum of Uvs province.
Features: Uureg lake is the one of the beautiful lakes of Mongolia. The lake stretches over 19.5km for 18km width for a 65.5 km shoreline length. Several rivers and streams such as Tsagduland Kharigiin flow into its waters. Water temperature ranges between 14-15°C at the mouth of the lake with Kharigiin river, and is 12-13°C in the central part. During winter time, from end of September to May the lake freezes with 1-1,5 meter thick. Uureg lake is a semi-desert region with an arid vegetation, reminding the region of the Gobi. It is the home of threatened species such as Swan Goose and Pallas’s Fish-eagle. On the site also live typical species of the Eurasian steppes, such as Red foxes and Pallas’s Cats.

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