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Tour Mongolia has implemented the basis for a CSR management and complies with the TourCert Check requirements. The company commits to sustainable business operations by

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* signing a commitment
* appointing a sustainability representative
* qualifying its employees
* assessing the own sustainability performance and
* developing an improvement program
The company strives for continuous improvement of its corporate responsibility.

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The award is a recognition for the long-term efforts and frontrunner position of Active & Adventure Tours Mongolia LLC regarding sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.

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Active & Adventure Tours Mongolia LLC complies with more than 100 criteria, related to an operators’ office management, product range, international business partners and customer information. The Travelife standard is covering the ISO 26000 Corporate Social Responsibility themes, including environment, biodiversity, human rights and labour relations; and is formally Recognised as in full compliance with the UN supported Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria.

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We have believed that one of the most important components of travel is interaction with locals. On our tours we maximize the opportunity to meet genuine local people: to discover how they live, what they believe and what their values are. So our clients can learn about the nomadic culture in non- touristic way.

Our Nomad friendly Community based tours emphasize the contact with locals We arrange these tours through our local network which include over hundred nomad herder families and communities. Every community in the network owns special ethnic identity and lives in different natural areas.


  • Tour Mongolia is a state licensed, certified and fully insured national tour operator
  • Established in 2001, 100% Mongolian
  • Cooperates with S.O.S Medica Mongolia for safety & Bodi Daatgal for Company Liability Insurance.
  • We are officially accredited and permitted to book and sell train tickets (Trans Mongolian Railway), flight tickets by MIAT Mongolian airlines, Hunnu airlines and Aero Mongolia airlines


We ensure the highest quality with minimal discomfort. It’s always our pleasure to see our clients’ happy face when we give our special gifts such as “Learning Mongolian” small phrasebook in English and German which has useful words, dialogues as well as Mongolian popular 2 songs, city map and handmade souvenir will be given depends on tours.


  • We keep maximum number of parties up to 14 people in order to maximize benefits to our clients and minimize benefits to environment.
  • We provide containers of 20 litres pure water during the tour, not bottled water. And our clients bring their water bottles.
  • Our trekking tours in Western Mongolia run without vehicles, only with camel caravans and horses.
  • We use recycled paper for office usage.

Friendly Dedicated team

Safe adventure specialist

Safety and security is our top priority. We are on call 24/7 to handle any unforeseen situations and also provide a satellite mobile for our selected tours. We cooperate with SOS Medica Mongolia for safety and Bodi Daatgal for Company Liability Insurance. All vehicles used in our tours are insured, carefully checked and well prepared before departures. Safe and hygienic meals will be prepared by local and traditional style.
Our well trained guides always offer a safety course for most of our specific activities. Then we can ensure that all trips go along the safest way possible. We always take time to explain well the necessary safety tips while riding any animal.

Bookings, Sales & Pre-Departures

We usually being responsible to provide up-to-date ‘pre departure’ information that includes our emergency contact for 24h, office location, working timetable and contact address, code of conduct, recommended pack list and checklist for our clients. During the booking process our responsible managers carefully check and handle bookings for all included services and special requests. And we confirm and reconfirm all bookings in advance of the tours due to applicable contracts and agreements.

Services on the spot

In order to offer a satisfying journey to all of our customers, we offer a wide range of services directly on the spot upon their arrival in Mongolia up to their departure

We always invite our groups to take a tour of our office before sending them to the countryside. During this visit, they get to see how our all-year staff is working, then we give them a presentation about Mongolia and its culture in order to avoid any cultural shock, we also provide a currency exchange bureau (our rate is fixed daily upon the global exchange rate), and give to all clients a useful phrasebook (Mongolian-English-German). Sometimes, upon request, we can also arrange a visit just before the departure and invite our customers to visit our fair trade shop, where all products are being made by local communities, therefore supporting our local coordinators.

Satisfaction & Constant Improvement

We always provide to each of our customers a “Satisfaction Questionnaire” They can easily fill it up before their departure or send it to us upon their return to their country. We always read carefully all of our feedbacks. It is, for us, the best way of ensuring the quality of the given services, while continuing to improve them.

Tour’s equipment

For our active and adventure tours, we provide good quality camping gears and equipment. Those include tents for single and twin share basis, self inflatable air mattress, wet protection sheet, tarpaulin sheet, foldable camp chairs and tables, dining tent, camp shower and shower tent, toilet tent, all cooking equipment and kitchen utensils including gas stoves and traditional style table-wares. Before any tour all equipment are well checked and prepared and our service team takes good care and maintains on the spot.

Our projects

We are happy to enrich our guest journey by involving some of their time into any of our on-going projects, supporting local communities with our projects.

Glamping camps

Run in partnership with the local nomad community, Gurvanbulag community camp & Steppe eco camp are the few places where our clients can interact with nomad herders in their true life. These 2 camps offers basic services, but content luxurious comfort in its spectacular location where rolling steppe, sand dunes and forested mountains are combined. Our guests there can visit nomad families, explore in-depth their daily life and tradition, learn and involve activities such as making dairy products, milking animals, even can have an opportunity to herd animals in pasture. Traditionally handcrafted western size beds can provide comfortable rest for our clients’ overnight stays.