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Location:  100 km to the west from Ulaanbaatar.
Features: In 1993, after the initiation of the representational project of the Takhi (Przewalski’s horse) to the Khustain Nuruu was presented year after, Hustai National Park was declared a national protected area by the Government of Mongolia. The whole area of Khustai National Park starts from Khentii Mountains and includes the western edge of the Mongolian steppe at the boundaries of Altanbulag, Argalant and Bayankhangai soum of Tov province. The Khustai National park is rich and home to 459 species of vascular plants, 85 species of lichens, 90 species of moss and 33 species of mushrooms, 44 species of mammals, including Deer, Mongolian gazelle, Roe deer, Wild boar, Wild mountain sheep, Ibex, Mongolian marmots, Gray wolves, Lynx, Pallas’ cat, Red fox, Corsac fox and Eurasian Badger. Also, there are 217 species of birds, 16 species of amphibians and 385 species of insects. The Khustai National park has become one of the best and careful managed park in Mongolia and the first National park to be managed by Non-government organizations, that specializes in nature and environment safety.

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