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National Museum of Mongolia

The origins of the National Museum of Mongolia date back to 1924, when the first collections were begun for a national museum. The present building of the museum was built in 1971, when it was erected as the Museum of Revolution. At the time, the collections of ethnography, prehistory, middle history, national history and paleontology were housed in the building of the Central Museum, built in 1956.Permanent collection: The National Museum of Mongolia is the nation’s largest museum and holds a collection of over 57,000 objects relating to Central Asian history and the history of Mongolia from prehistory to the end of the 20th century, with a portion of the collected artifacts on display in ten exhibition halls. The latter include Ancient History of Mongolia; Ancient States; Traditional Clothing and Jewelry; the Mongolian Empire; Mongolian Traditional Culture; Mongolian Traditional Life; 17th-20th Century Mongolia; Mongolia 1911-1920; Socialist Mongolia (1921-1990); Democratic Mongolia (1990-present).